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Bonfires, creative bonfires, fire writing, fire sculptures and flambeaux by The UK Firework Company

Bonfire Builds

We can take care of all aspects of the bonfire build for you. From sourcing and delivering the wood, construction, security, fencing, pyrotechnics and bonfire lighting.

fire writing

Looking for a unique way to convey your message? Set it on fire! Take a look at some examples below.


creative Bonfires and fire sculptures

Make your event unique with a creative bonfire or fire sculpture. Our team have become renowned for creating stunning animated bonfire sculptures which have included full size Spitfires, Route Master Buses, Castles, Horses and a Tardis to name a few. 

Our fire sculptures are designed and built specifically for our clients. Our team have created pirate ships, corporate logos, Iron Man, a Coke can, bunny rabbits and the UK Map.

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These are great for adding style to your event and work in most venues. The 2m high frames host a continuous flame 1ft high.

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